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posted Jan 13, 2016, 11:48 AM by John Ferguson

As the New Year is upon us it is natural to not only look

back at the previous year but look forward on what we want

to accomplish. However, it can be challenging to get from a

New Year’s resolution to actual action. One cannot say

“today I will learn a lecture” and expect to accomplish that

task. We must break down our work. Stone by stone,

checking for plum and level each time. As each day’s effort

is applied the building will take shape.

So I ask, What are your Masonic goals for 2016?

Goals are the builders plans, but plans do not build a

structure. Skilled hands and effort cause the plans take

shape into something tangible and real. Labor without

direction is wasteful, a plan without effort is pointless.

So set your goals and then set to work achieving them.

Have a schedule, hold yourself accountable, ask a brother

to hold you accountable. The work is a challenge but the

efforts will provide benefits for a lifetime.

Please note our full schedule in January, February will be

similar. Please contact myself or any officer if you would like

to attend any function but require transportation.

Have a Happy New Year

Travis Bryan, Master