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Installation Message

Masons have always been seen as men of honor. At the founding of this country, Masons like George Washington and Ben Franklin were instrumental in laying the foundation upon which this country stands. Those men stand out as examples of what can be accomplished by men of honor. The time is coming when we are going to need honorable men to be that example once again. That time is approaching much faster than any of us may know.

Freemasonry has been called the oldest and greatest fraternity in the world. Why is that? Freemasonry has endured because of the men of character that are inspired to knock at its door. This fraternity has always been a place where extraordinary men have come together to improve themselves and their communities.

In just about any publication on the topic of Masonry, you will see the question “what does the future of Masonry look like?”

I stand here tonight to tell you that, This is what the future of Masonry looks like. These honorable men are the future of Masonry. The future is today.

Those that have come before us have laid a solid foundation. With the hard work that Worshipful Brother Bryan has done this past year, it would be all too easy to just conduct business as usual, to rest upon that foundation.

The Officers of Redmond Lodge #154 will not succumb to that temptation, and I am both honored and humbled to stand amongst them.

W.B. Jerry Anderson

Remarks by newly Installed Master Jerry Anderson PM on Dec 16th, 2017 - Redmond Lodge