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I am truly honored that the members of this lodge elected me to serve as Master.   For over 100 years men of this community have gathered together as members of the Redmond Masonic Lodge, and I am humbled and anxious to carry on this great tradition.

This community has changed a great deal in those 102 1/2 years.  We say that because in appearance it has changed; more people, more roads, more businesses, and new schools.  But has the community really changed?  That sense of commonality we all share.  The friendly exchanges we have with the people we interact with daily. And the willingness for a stranger to help another. 

My point being that behind this modern facade we are still a community bound by common geography and similar goals.  Our lodge has changed very little in the last century.  A Brother from 1913 would feel very comfortable and at home if he came to one of our meetings.  Why have we held to such aged language, ritual, and customs? 

There are many answers to that question but I think fundamentally it is because they work.  The work we do and have done here for 102 years is based on traditions hundreds of years older.  Traditions that touch on universal truths of human nature, honor, and integrity.  Much like the essence of community, they have not changed, nor will they.

So here we are. Today every generation is represented in the brothers before you.  Recently, and mind you in Freemasonry, recently, is a broad term.  Within the last five years there's been a notable resurgence in the Craft. Why? A multitude of reasons however, in my opinion, a major reason is the devastating effect of the rise and then collapse of the economy.  Men saw the folly of their endeavors, and how success can be fickle.  Many men asked, “Is there something more”.  I asked this question.   I had seen the hollowness of greed.  I wanted something that had substance. Something that would not only satisfy that intellectual craving, but also one that would satisfy the heart. Something that would give me the tools I needed to be a better husband, a better father, a better man.  I found these things in Freemasonry.

But it is a lifetime of work and a Mason never fully completes his task.  But we continue.  Just like men have done in Redmond Lodge for the last century.

Message delivered on December 5th, 2015 by Worshipful Brother Travis Bryan on the occasion of his installation as Master of Redmond Lodge #154, Ancient Free & Accepted Masons